Ausiàs March Verse translations of thirty poems

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Language: anglès

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ISBN: 978-18-5566-130-1

Format: 16 x 23

Pages: 185

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The Valencian poet Ausiàs March (1400-1459) was one of the greatest poets writing in Europe in the fifteenth century. His work is characterized by a powerful and unique voice and by the constant innovation that allowed him not only to develop traditional genres, but to compose poems that virtually created genres of their own. This selection includes poems on love, a cycle of six compositions on grief, a long poem on God and predestination, others of praise and vilification, or on philosophical themes. While March has previously been translated into English prose, this anthology offers translations that, more than an aid to understanding the medieval Catalan, aspire to be poems that can be enjoyed in English without constant reference to the original.

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