"Mirades", by Editorial Barcino. An invitation to the pleasure of reading between generations. Current Catalan authors are opposed to Catalan and international tradition and, with it own perspective, dialogue with it, claim it, reinterpret it and rewrite it with the focus on the nowadays reader.

Imprescindibles - Biblioteca de clàssics catalans

Imprescindibles is the collection of Editorial Barcino that collects the classics of catalan literature up to the XX century for readers of the XXI century. Along with indisputable names and titles, there will also be works that for various reasons have fallen from the canon and today are difficult to find.

Els Nostres Clàssics ('Our Classics') - Medieval Authors

The publisher's most emblematic collection. 'Els nostres Clàssics' – Medieval Authors (previously 'Series B') offers critical editions curated by the best specialists in works written up to and including the 15th century. It is of great international and academic prestige, and leading the recovery and dissemination of old literature.

Els nostres clàssics ('Our Classics') - Series A

The publisher's most emblematic collection. Since its creation—along with the publishing house—in 1924 by Josep Maria de Casacuberta, it has gone through various stages in its almost one-hundred-year history. 'Series A' contains the first 140 editions and constitutes an authentic literary and bibliographical patrimony of Catalonia.

Els Nostres Clàssics ('Our Classics') - Modern Authors

Biblioteca Barcino ('Barcino Library')

The Biblioteca Barcino makes the classics of Old Catalan literature available to the general public in affordable and handy editions. It is aimed at both the general public and university and secondary school students.